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Extended to the entire UK, our ‘Regimen’ portfolio includes the successful rehabilitation of pet, protection and service dogs with pre-established behavioural issues. Dame, Sire or Puppy, our home is your home. We offer residential Training at our 5-acre Academy and accommodation at our trainers’ home. We have everything in place to ensure a smooth transition. We are mindful of your dogs’ emotional and physical health at work, rest or play.

There are no Gold, Silver or Bronze ‘packages’ here. Any dog under our care gets our fullest attention when training. Our extensive training experience allows us to provide a bespoke and structured programme designed to meet your requirements.

Courses run for a minimum of 3 weeks (up to 6 weeks) and the process is as follows:

  1. Assessment of your dog and an interview by a GFK9 Practitioner to determine your requirements. Our recommendations will specify what will be best for your dog in terms of course content, living arrangements and duration.
  2. Your dog arrives at Ghost Force K9 Academy. (We can arrange pick up)
  3. We keep you regularly updated of your dogs progress towards set targets.
  4. To enable a successful transition, a handover will take place by way of a one to one session at your home or at the academy.

Prices start at £999:00 per week

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