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One to One Training

One to one training has many advantages. There is no blueprint to follow which determines your entire training time is focused around you and your dog. There is time to ask questions relative to your dog. There are less non-training related distractions. There is no judgement. There is time to work on weaknesses rather than strengths.

The feelings and emotions of your dog are placed at the very core of our unique system of training.  Based upon mutual respect and understanding, our aim is to create strong and meaningful relationships in which dogs and their owners can thrive. We treat each and every dog as an individual with no exceptions. Any breed, age or skill level: your dog is welcome.

Step 1: Contact us

We will arrange a FREE 15 minute call with you to discuss your dog training goals, the process and costs. There is NO obligation to proceed beyond this stage.

Step 2: Initial Session

90 mins. It's really important we understand your goals from the outset. This helps to maximise your training time and to progress at a tempo which suits you and your dog. It is also important for us to identify any behavioural factors which may present themselves in order to design the most effective programmes. During your first session and beyond you will be taught exactly what to do and be able to understand why were doing it!


Step 3: Continuation Training

You will be allocated homework will begin immediately after your first visit! Your follow on sessions will last 60 minutes.


Ghost Force provides a unique system of training where dogs can learn safely and effectively. We offer One-to-One in person sessions as well as Focus Days out-with your home where your dog is trained directly by a trainer in a variety of training focused locations.

During steps 1 and 2 in particular, your trainer at their own discretion will inform you if they feel your dog requires behavioural modification training. Occasionally, an initial session will transition into a behavioural consultation. In these instances, your trainer will inform you of this and why. We have a duty of care to your dog, to you, to the public and to our staff. It is important to declare any aggressive or threatening behaviours your dog has displayed before commencing your first session.

*Home visits incur a cost of £0.45 a mile out-with a 5 mile radius of Dunfermline.

Basic Training Package

Our most popular package. This offers you a 10% discount on an Initial Session and 3 follow up sessions which are paid for in advance. A minimum of 3 follow up sessions is usually recommended.


*All prices are inclusive of VAT.

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