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Puppy Training

As you are aware, there is more to raising a puppy than mere 'socialisation'. There is also more to socialisation than what is commonly practiced. Learn how to communicate with your dog and develop an understanding of their feelings and emotions. By doing so, you can create a world without fear in which your dog can thrive into adulthood. Our puppy training packages are intricately designed to help you set a strong foundation on which to build many, many years of happiness.

You will learn:

  • How to live with each other at home.
  • How to deal with puppy chewing and biting.
  • How to socialise your puppy safely and effectively.
  • How to engage and play with your puppy.
  • Your puppies basic needs.
White and Gray Australian Shepherd Puppy Sitting on Grass Field

Puppy foundation package runs over approximately 3 weeks. This includes your initial 90 minute session and 3 follow up sessions. This equates to a 10% reduction in the fees displayed on steps 1-3. Cost £270:00. *All prices are inclusive of VAT

Step 3:

Your continuation sessions will last 60 minutes.


Yorkshire Terrier Puppy
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