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Why GFK9?

We love dogs

We have a unique style of training that is effective and stays true to our values. We love dogs and we love people. When allowing us to work with you and your dog: we aim to create an experience rather than delivering a service. We cannot hide our passion for dog training and nor will we. This does not mean we don’t have fun along the way: there will be of that we assure you!

Yes, we love producing highly motivated, hard working and courageous dogs yet we have a track record of placing the welfare of dogs above all else. We introduced K9 Hydrotherapy and K9 Fitness & Performance Coaches into the military. This provided us with a greater understanding of the physiological and veterinary elements in relation to canine psychology, behaviour and training.

We know what we're doing

Our reputation is undisputed, built over many years and recognised by those in the Military, Police and Pet industries.

Guild of Dog Trainers Master Trainer

Canine & Feline Behaviour Association Member

We treat ALL clients with equal respect and their requirements with equal value. No dog or person is the same and we always work as a team, with you and your dog to obtain results and create positive experiences for all.

We love dogs
We know who we are

40 years of active military service helped us appreciate the value a dog can bring in achieving mission success. Inspired by this, we qualified as K9 Handlers within the same specialist unit. Since, we have collaborated our practical experience and academic knowledge to establish ourselves as internationally respected dog trainers.

We were privileged to work alongside some of the best specialist trainers in the world. Honoured with the opportunity to train some of the most challenging dogs and behaviours, we have pushed our skills and emotional capacity to the limit. Effectively, we have learned from the best and for that: our gratitude is forever extended.

Before and beyond Ghost Force is home: Scotland. We decided to re-establish ourselves where our roots lie, where it all began as boys. Our Academy is humble and located on a beautiful meadow that is close to our heart.

We love dogs
We know where we're going

We base our methods on hands on experience combined with the latest scientifically based research. As a team, we constantly challenge each other and ourselves in our relentless pursuit of K9 excellence.

Our mission is to create a new way of thinking regarding dog training and enrichment. We aim to break mental and physical barriers by applying holistic techniques, pioneering new strategies to training and exploring the power of the MIND, BODY & SPIRIT.

The possibilities are endless...

We are Ghost Force.

The Pack


Born: Dunfermline

Film: Highlander

Food: Mince & Totties

Fur: He wishes

Drink: Lemon Water

Other Interests: Ancient Wisdom - K9 Enrichment


Born: Glasgow

Film: John Wick 2

Food: Fajitas

Fur: Yes

Drink: Two Scoops

Other Interests: Harry Houdini, Harry Styles and anyone else called Harry - K9 Rehabilitation


Born: USA

Film: Lady and the Tramp

Food: Hug

Fur: Blue

Drink: Fresh Water

Other Interests: Tree Stumps


Born: Netherlands

Film: Dances with Wolves

Food: Hug

Fur: Fawn, Black, Brown

Drink: Fresh Water

Other Interests: Laundry Baskets

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